My book club met last evening for the first time since May.  I really discovered, once again just how much I enjoy the company of my girlfriends.  We’ve all heard stories about how invaluable the support of our “sisters” whether biological or otherwise is during our lifetimes.  As we grow older and wiser, I believe, we truly come to understand that having a good friend to lean on in times of need as well as having them to share the good times with is what makes life worth living.  I have seen friends taken from this earth prematurely and I have felt the void that their absence left in my life. Life is too short to gossip and find fault and too short to accomplish all the fun things I want to have time to share with my friends. My girlfriends are my sisters, my daughters, my mother and my friends and to all of them I wish the superb happiness of knowing true friendship.  That is truly the greatest gift of all