I received an invitation yesterday to attend a luncheon at the Arizona Biltmore to benefit Crisis Nursery.  It got me to thinking about one of the issues in life that bothers me the most.  Last month it was all over the news that a woman had chained herself to a post outside an animal shelter or some such place in protest over pets left outside in the heat. I was already upset over the numerous stories over the past few months of children being thrown against walls and killed, locked in boxes till they suffocated for eating a popsicle and thrown off the top levels of parking garages.  I’ve always wondered why anyone can volunteer at animal facilities and Sherriff Joe even has his pet posse roaming around to find people who mistreat animals and yet we hear all the time how short handed CPS is and that they can’t possibly protect our children and yet they do not ask for volunteers unless a person has a degree in social work.  Kind of an upside down world I would say when we put more value on the life of an animal than a child.  Every year when football season starts we hear the talk about what a disgrace it is that Michael Vick has a second chance at an NFL career after being released from prison for dog fighting. He paid his dues and yet he is chastised and faces resentment every day for having another chance.  Take a look at the number of pedaphiles and child molesters and child trafficking offenders who are on the streets and holding jobs they never should get close to.  Go onto your computer on sex offender sites and put in your address and see just how many sex offenders are your neighbors. When are we going to start to protect helpless children as much as we protect helpless animals?

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