I found a certificate online for a golf club fitting at Hot Stix.  My friend, Dave, and I decided to each purchase one and go together for the fittings. Dave called and made the appointments and , being paranoid as he is, he confirmed with them no less than 4 times.  When we arrived we were told that there had been a schedule glitch and that we would have to take turns being fitted.  Well, I can tell you that that did not sit well with Dave who proceeded to offer a piece of his mind in which he held nothing back.  To the credit of Hot Stix, they apologized profusely and then offered both of us a second fitting at no charge in which they would work with whatever they didn’t do this time.  The fittings are for either woods or irons. Dave chose woods and I chose irons so now we each get to do the other.  Yeah!!!!  I had such a hard time deciding and, once I found out that my clubs are too short, the shafts are too weak and the lie is off, I probably really need to find out how bad my woods are. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I haven’t broken par:-P 

When we scheduled, everyone told me that they would push really hard to get me to purchase very expensive clubs from them. I found that not to be the case as did Dave.  As a matter of fact, they wrote down all of the information on the driver Dave wanted so that he could go and purchase it anywhere he wanted.  They were really just great and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to check out their equipment and strengthen their game. They do the fittings at Legend Trail Golf Club where the views are beautiful and all in all, I think it is a wonderful experience