O.K.  Here I go talking about bugs again.  I wonder what that says about me??? Well, I was reading the Arizona Republic this morning and came across an article about Scorpion bites that blew me away. In August, the federal government approved a scorpion antivenom. It was hailed as an important tool to protect vulnerable victims from scorpion stings. But what is being discovered is that the fast acting serum comes at a very steep price. Hospitals are billing as much as $12,467 per vial of anti venom. The problem is that a typical dose of three to five vials brings the hospital bills for patients and their insurance companies to over $62,000. Now add that to the fact that patients may not be covered by their insurance since insurance companies are still trying to figure out a reasonable price for a drug that has been available in Mexico for years for a fraction of the cost. Even Dr Alejandro Alagon, the Mexican scientist who advises Mexico based Instituto Bioclon which makes the drug says the cost is ridiculously high. Mexicans are charged $100 per vial at pharmacies and even less at government funded clinics.

Every time I read something like this it makes my blood boil. Why is our medical care and our drugs so out of line??? It’s not a wonder that so many people declare bankruptcy each year because of astronomical medical bills that are not covered by inusrance.  It’s for sure Obama care is not the answer but isn’t there someone out there who can make sense of this mess.

In the meantime, while we all wait, maybe we should invest in black lights and have them preceed our steps at night.  Better yet, invest in a black light company and get rich from the system that does not work