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We’re going to gather the sold property data for your market and select at least three or more “comps” or comparable properties from the last 6 months. Unlike Zilllow we consider upgrades and unique features that are not provided on any data. For example you could have a view lot and your neighbor across street with same model does not.  There is a value for that!!! Please list any upgrades, remodeling or features that would give your property value in “Home Features”. Of course until we have a personal tour of your home we would like you to know these are general comparable homes.

Why not get a Professional REALTOR® home valuation? Browsing the internet will give you just part of the value. Web based models can only compute data and not give your home the true value it deserves!  Whether you are just thinking of selling or ready to list we can help you with your real estate needs. Fill out form below to receive a general home valuation.

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